Saturday, 17 November 2012

Brass hearted.

And something else new that I am very fond of:

Some new ideas!

It's been a quiet few weeks around here.  Illness and starting a new job have conspired against me and my creative flow, but I am (almost) back on top form.

I have been mulling over few things that I've had in my head for quite a while but haven't had the time or means to bring into fruition.  The two images below are quick ideas I put together; the clean formalised text is a thing I rarely use but I think it is working well with the background images.

I have a few ideas of where these are going next.  Stay tuned.

There is also this thing that half works and half doesn't but I am a bit fond of it anyway.

Some news!

Exciting news!

I will be helping give a print workshop at Cardonald College in Glasgow at the start of December (and possibly at another in January).  Cardonald is where I went to complete my portfolio for art school and I have some very fond memories of my time there, so I am looking forward to going back and helping out.  

Cardonald is also where I met my good pal Steph Liddle, you should click on that there link and check out her work.   She's a talented lass (and all round good egg). 

And on the subject of people I know, you should all head over to the BRAND NEW EXCITING blog of Cheryl Thomas and have a wee read and look at what she is working on for her fourth year at DJCAD.  It's rather good. 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Made for walking

I walked so far on my Canadian travels that I wore a hole straight through my shoe!!