Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Almost at the finish line....

This week has been spent in the woodwork shop building a stand (with the help of Alan the technician) for a a big piece of mine.  This was particularly exciting because it means that I got to use assorted power tools and chisels for the first time in a long while.  Im not exactly a pro in the workshop by any means, but I love being so hands on with my work.  The atmosphere in the workshop has been surprisingly relaxed and upbeat with some great banter amongst people, it has been nice to have the opportunity to talk to folk that I don't often get to talk to.

Tanya very kindly documented me using some
power tools so that I could show this to my Dad and
make him proud.

Clamped and almost ready to go!  Bonus Tanya in
All that remains to be done to it is some sanding and staining, and to insert the piece it will contain.  Cant wait to see it finished, I have a feeling I will be very proud of this one.

New Website!

I have been busy putting the finishing touches to my very own website!  You can have a wee look at


I won't be posting anymore finished pieces between now and degree show, so here are a few pieces that haven't quite made the cut for various reasons.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


We recreated Endless Column by Brancusi in the pub last night. All art, all the time!

Parody of endless column. April 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Getting there

Large, solid, portable, un-loosable and un-breakable. 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Picture time

For our Degree Show catalogue we had to submit a portrait of ourselves.  I felt I had hardly been very photogenic in recent months so I swithered for weeks whether or not to put one in, or to submit a random image.  Jen finally convinced me that she could take a nice photo of me, and surprisingly she managed to make me look half decent!  Here are a few out-takes to illustrate what she had to work with, ie, not much.

Photos by Jen Robinson.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Road Trip

I made a thing.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


While sorting through some images of past work for my website I came across these final pieces from last year.

I found an undeveloped roll of film inside a camera I bought, I developed it and got these prints.  The camera dated from the 1920s, and the film looks to be war-time/post war (any better guesses would be appreciated).  I have worked with found images lots in the past, but this was particularly exciting as I was the first to develop the film and therefor the first to ever see these photographs.   I added text using my SUPER SECRET darkroom techniques, and the three prints below were the result.  I was particularly proud of these at the time, and looking back with 12 months in-between, I still am.

I made a conscious descision to remove from 'darker' side of my personality from my work, while still aiming to retain the same themes through the introduction of colour and (sometimes) humour.  What struck me when looking at these is just how much I have managed to do that. 

A favourite of mine. 

Looking at these now, I can see quite a few ways to develop these and progress them further.  I think a return to these will make a nice little summer project


I got some badges made by the wonderful Wee Badgers in Glasgow.  I will be selling these at the Degree Show (or sooner if you are interested, let me know).

Assorted 38mm badges.

57mm Gloria badge. 

I cannot recommend Wee Badgers enough!  I spoke with Amanda via email, and she was super friendly and helpful. What else would I expect from a company with such a fantastic pun for a name!?  I ordered these on Monday evening, and I had them in my hands by lunchtime today.  I have no idea how they made them so quickly, although I can only assume witch craft of some sort!.    So if you need badges in the future, please check them out and send some money towards a great wee business. 

Bone envy

My good friend and studio mate Jen went on a trip to the Isle of Coll last week. She returned to the studio with two rather wonderful whale vertebrae that a family friend had gifted her!!  They are HUGE, and they put my entire collection of bones and bits to shame!  I wonder if she would notice if one suddenly vanished....

Obligatory head comparison shot. 

Monday, 9 April 2012