Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Ghost town

One of six images I have been working on this evening.  I'm quite excited about this one and where it is going.  No photoshop other than an image crop (and a slightly sloppy background removal) was used in the creation of this.  Still to neaten it up a little. 

Click for big. 

Untitled (Ghost town). 2013.

Functional Skin

I have once more been playing around with text and images.

These are some rough mock ups I did in Photoshop for something I want to expand upon further on a much larger scale.  These are far from perfect, but I am enjoying just playing around with the scale and text positioning for the time being.   I really like how the bold colours are working with the grainy greys and blacks, and considering my aversion to image editing on computers I am rather pleased with how these look so far.

As always, click for big.

I have had this postcard in my collection for a while, there is something about it that draws me in.   

There is something I particularly like about this next one, although I'm not quite sure about the blue at the moment.   I love the combination of the forlorn figures and text.

Zine Fair!

As part of my Pitch and Strike adventures I will have some new paper based work in the Yuck N Yum  zine fair this coming Sunday (31st March).  The Pitch and Strike trio will all have work on our stall, as well as some work from some of our favourite artists.

I just realised that the "weird bug" on the poster is
in fact a zombie easter bunny.  Clever that.

You can read more about it on the Pitch and Strike blog here.