Friday, 28 September 2012


I have been full of the cold the past few days so in between moping around feeling sorry for myself while drinking tea and a eating soup, I have photographed some things I have collected on my travel.


I also found these beautiful pieces of old canvas.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

In flight meals

One of these things is more edible than the other.

Different Depths

What ya looking for?

The following is a list of google search terms that led people to view my blog:

fidelity card caffee nero
boots and hearts official ticket
bruce springsteen collage
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was no internet
bruce springsteen helsinki ticket
clementines in august
coffee card loyalty design

Maybe I should get into the coffee and ticket tout business!

Memory Book

While in Toronto, I found the most wonderful object (the kind of object that I dream of finding).  Sitting there on the sidewalk was a book of someone else's memories.  Sadly, it was a little too large and heavy to fit it in my backpack and bring home with me (and despite my art practice it didn't feel quite right to keep it).

So I carried it around the city with me for half a day before I finally decided what I would do with it.  I   eventually left it on a park bench in the hope that someone who could give it a good home would find it.   I also considered leaving a note attached explaining how it came to be on that bench on a sunny Monday afternoon, but I felt it was best that it arrived at its new owner in the same manner that it arrived in my life.

I hope I made the right choice.


I have spent a lot of time thinking and writing and thinking and writing some more.  And sometimes out of that things like this happen.

Buried Ghosts

Its been a while since I last updated, I am currently almost 3000 miles from Scotland and obviously my adventuring has taken priority over blogging.   However, this evening is a rainy evening so I have hijacked the laptop of my good friend Audrey with the intent of updating.  A lot has happened in the time between my last post and now.

Most excitingly, I had my first ever solo show in Tin Roof at the end of August (I will make a proper post about that on my return to Scotland).  I moved out of my beloved flat (and possibly also Dundee forever) as well as burying some ghosts (both physically and figuratively).

I have been here in Canada for 4 weeks now, and my travels have taken me to Toronto, Montreal and to St John's in Newfoundland where I am am currently sitting in one of the cosiest and homely kitchens I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in.

Theres not a lot to in St John's in the evening, so we have been spending the time drinking wine and making lists.