Monday, 27 February 2012

Birthday Shennanigans

I took this on a recent night out for a friends birthday.  Im rather fond of it.

More layers

I have continued working directly onto the glass covering existing work, this time I used a nice thick oil bar to add some text to two very minimal works I completed before Christmas.  I had the phrases sitting around for a while, but I couldn't find a suitable use for them until the other day.  I had originally intended for them to have more text and for less of the white space to remain visible, but I am very happy with the outcome.  The largest frame is 110cm x 80cm, and the smaller is 60cmx40cm.



New Collage

I have been working on some new collage.  This time I am working directly onto the glass of existing pieces, obscuring them and adding another layer to the work.  


I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Dundee, but the one thing that never fails to blow my mind about it are the sunsets.  This was taken as I was leaving the studio last week. 

Morning Mr Cat

Recently I have been seeing this charming cat on my walk into the studio in the mornings, he's normally hanging out in the grass but the other morning he was having a lovely time lounging on the fence. So far he (I've decided it is a he) has resisted my attempts at befriending him.  I will keep trying. 

Hello Strangers

Excited to see I have had a fair few views from people in Russia and Bulgaria (and other places too).

Who are you mysterious people?  Say hello.  I think we should be friends.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Quick assemblage

I try and do one piece of work each day, even if its tiny.  I made this little assemblage the other day and at 7cm x 10cm its much smaller than anything else I usually make.  Im quite fond of it, and I think Ill make a  couple more so I have a wee set of them for my mantle piece at home.



I found this rather lovely pallet round the back of the art school, and decided to rescue it.  I primed and sealed the wood then painted it eye popping red.  Its going to be a text piece (and hopefully also a final piece towards my final show).

Friday, 10 February 2012

Just another day at the office

Carrying out some important research.

Favourite places.

I took the day off from the studio last week, and made a much needed trip to my favourite beach last week. I intended to collect items and do some drawings that I could incorporate into my studio work, but it was a little too cold for the drawing despite the layers and thermals I was wearing.

One particular thing I was on the look out for was used gun (shotgun?) cartridges.  Ive seen lots of these washed up on my frequent visits, but only recently have I started collecting them.  They are such fantastic little objects, and I will be incorporating them into my work soon.

I also collected a rather impressive haul of animal bones, including a seal jawbone which I am rather proud of.  I have been cleaning and bleaching them for most of the week, and I reckon they are just about finished. 


It was my birthday last week, and I arrived in to find my studio wonderfully decorated, with a lovely big chocolate cake waiting for me. Thank you to my studio mates and friends who made it a lovely day, especially Jen for the incredible cake.

Chocolate cake with Snickers and edible glitter!