Monday, 7 October 2013

Miscellaneous musings.

Like most updates of this blog recently, this one is long overdue. Summer has flown past in the blink of an eye and we are now firmly into Autumn.

July and August were hectic and saw 60 hour weeks between regular job and the Generator summer programme.  September brought the inevitable exhaustion and illness I associate from sudden stops such as that one.  October sees me fighting fit and on the move to a new lovely flat with two fantastic and very talented people (this one and this one).

August also brought some good news in the form of a teaching job in Glasgow.  Its only one day a week but the weekly commute is more than worth it.  The limited time I get to spend with the class means I am still finding my feet but I am getting there, having a break away from it over the September weekend gave me some breathing space and I was excited to get back into class today for the start of drawing week.

As well as teaching; the little collective I am part of Pitch and Strike were invited to take part in this years Crawl Inclusive, something which is a definite highlight on the Dundee art calendar.   This blog update of this years event is in the works and I will post a link once its online.  We settled on the theme of 'take away art' and set about inviting artists, illustrators and zine makers to create small works that would fill a 7 x 15cm foil take away carton.  The results were surprisingly excellent! I struggled making work on such a small scale but there were some great submissions.

A Pitch and Strike production line!

We made 50 in the end and they went down a treat with those on the Crawl who were lucky enough to get their paws on one.

Two thirds of Pitch and Strike.
The absolute highlight of the evening for me was this performance by Pester and Rossi.  I wish I could articulate just exactly what it was better than headless prehistoric looking chickens laying balloon eggs to a backdrop of loud rave music but thats what it was.  ENJOY!

Last Sunday was the launch of the Yuck n Yum autumn issue, and Hazel has summed it up here better than I can.   Her blog is always well worth a read for updates on Dundee creative going ons so please give it a wee read. 

So thats the extremely condensed version of what I have been up to the past few months.  Now that there is a (little bit) of a break at Generator over the next wee while I am feeling inspired and full of ideas.  I might even get round to updating this place to tell you about it...