Monday, 23 July 2012

Whats in a wallet

Return ferry ticket (Tallinn to Helsinki)
Cafe Nero loyalty card
NHS blood donor card
Dundee library card
Boots advantage card
Costa coffee loyalty card
Tartan cafe loyalty card
Tea Leaves & Coffee loyalty card
Fleet collective business card
Travelodge room key cards (x3)

University of Dundee photocopy card
Bruce Springsteen gig ticket
We Are Augustines gig ticket
Tram tickets from Tallinn (x3)
University of Dundee student card
Leaf shaped like a heart
Twilight Sad gig ticket
1st class stamps (x4)
Group Love gig ticket
Ticket for Tallinn camera museum (x2)
Business cards (my own)

Whats in a bag.

Oh Comely magazine (issue 10)
HB pencil (unsharpened)
Black fine line ink marker
A5 (approx) Moleskine notebook (plain pages)
Cocktail umbrella (x2)
A6 Moleskine 2012 diary (page a day)
Deck of playing cards (Southern Comfort design)
Keys to my parents house.
Carmex lip balm (cherry)
Love heart sweets

British Summertime.

July in Scotland.

I just want to see the sun again. 

Friday, 13 July 2012


I ran out of letters.

Oh Phil

Today, I made this. 

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Six weeks today, I will fly from Glasgow to Toronto.  I will spend 12 days pottering around various places before I fly from Montreal to St. Johns in New Foundland (via a stop in Halifax) for a long over due re-union with the very talented Audrey Hurd.  I will spend between 6-8 weeks adventuring around parts of Eastern Canada, but apart from what I have already mentioned I have no firm plans which is exciting/terrifying.

My planned route (maybe) 2129k/1323m (give or take a few).

If anyone has been to Toronto/Montreal or any places in between and has any recommendations for me please drop me a line.


Moleskines and spiders

I got a new moleskine as a present and I have begun slowly filling it.   I have spent a lot of time thinking and writing and thinking and writing some more, something I haven't done properly since mid-April.  It is difficult to be in the creative zone when I lack a studio space as well as working 5 days a week, but I am getting there and a few ideas have begun to form and take shape.

Here is a SPECIAL BONUS photo of the 7 legged spider that was living in my flat for a wee while.  He seemed pretty content just chilling in various spots on my staircase for a week there, but Ive not seen him in a while. 

Badges again

My badges got a mention on Little Oddities.  You should have a look round over there, its really quite lovely.

Photo by Becca Clark

Graduating etc.

So that's it.  I have graduated and my four years at art school has officially come to an end.

I could write 1000 sentimental words about the last four years, but I will avoid that.  Instead, I think I should concentrate on more important subjects such as my amazing graduation shoe and sock combo.  I doubt anyone had anything half as impressive on their feet that day.