Saturday, 8 June 2013

Paper Goods

The past few weeks have been good for zines!

I picked up a copy of 'Strange Days/Great Alone' by Jonny Lyons at his degree show in DJCAD.  Jonny describes it as "A collection of photographs documenting five strange days.  Each day consisted of a journey with five hand crafted functional sculptures".   If you missed the degree show I highly recommend you take a wander over to his website check out his beautiful work for yourself (particularly the videos).

Jonny Lyons - Strange Days/Great Alone

The end of May saw the last ever issue of Satellitezine,  and rather appropriately a funeral was held in its (dis)honour.  I contributed a 2 small pieces of work to this issue, just like I had to the very first and it was nice to have the back catalogue there to browse through (including my own very early and shockingly bad attempts at some word pieces).  

The funeral itself consisted of a spoken word performance from 2013 DJCAD graduate Liam Dunn, a sound workshop and a very fitting and genuinely quite emotional eulogy from Satellite founder Ruth.  And in true funeral style a nice platter of cucumber sandwiches and peanuts was put on for the mourners.    

Satellite Funeral Issue (front)

Satellite Funeral Issue (back)

Lastly, but certainly not least, there is IS THIS OK? IS THIS NOT OK?   This one came into my life outwith the usual zine buying scenarios.   I was serving two friendly folks in work and noticed that one was carrying a stack of them, and it turned out they were on their way to an event to sell them.  After a bit of chit chat and a flick through its pages I bought one for £1.  Its a lovely thing indeed, filled with  illustration, poems and various other nice bits.   All of this is made even better by the fact its pages are bound with a piece of regular string, and that kind of thinking is worth it alone.  

They both seemed rather surprised that I wanted one, I guess its not a regular thing to be approached by the person serving you in a shop wanting to buy your work.  I was also a bit surprised that there are two girls out there in a town like St Andrews doing this kind of thing; long may it continue.