Thursday, 18 August 2011


Last night I FINALLY found the set of lithograph prints I did at Easter this year. I have been searching for these for months, and had finally given up hope and assumed they had accidentally been chucked in the skip during one of my many studio clear outs last semester. The loss of these prints was frustrating because it meant I couldn't complete something I had high hopes for. Well, at last they have turned up hidden away "safely" inside a Jessops photo envelope and I can finally get on with my original plan.

Looking at them again after several months tucked away, I am still happy with them. Im glad I chose to print them onto newsprint. The faded, and contrasty images are perfect for what im trying to achieve.

Ive also had a little bit of a rethink about them, and so far Ive added some text using the lovely pink gloss paint that I have become obsessed with the past week or so, and as soon as I get a nice dry day I can get on with the second part of the plan (fingers crossed for tomorrow).

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