Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Base Camp

The studio list for 4th year is up, and I have just moved into my new home for my next and final year here. Im happy to be down in the sculpture dept again, its nice and quiet and I dont mind being out the way. Theres less people down here = more space for me.

Its not much just now, Ive just moved the work from my summer studio across, and I will get the technician to build me a partition so Ive got more wall space. The only downside is that the studios are quite draughty in winter, its only the first week of September and I can already feel the chill in here. Still, its an excuse to buy lots more wooly jumpers. As I learned last year, the key to survival down here is LAYERS!!

Ive got a great tutor, and I cant wait to get the semester started properly.

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