Saturday, 28 January 2012


The past four months have seen the introduction of colour into my work in a big way. I had previously favoured greys, reds, blacks and grey blues almost exclusively; but I felt I had become stale and bored with what I was creating and the limited colour palette I was working with wasn't helping things.

The boards below were one of the first pieces I attempted after I decided to make the shift towards more colour. I had initially wanted to screen print them so that the text would be nice and sharp against the background, but the print workshop was closed for the day and I lacked the patience to wait.

I made a stencil from card and got painting. The results were less than perfect, and far from the crisp look I had initially wanted. At first I was a unhappy with the visible brush marks, but the longer I sat with them the more I liked the end result. Ive had a few compliments on these two boards, and oddly enough the imperfection and brush marks are what people have liked the best.

I have been thinking over how to get the text a little cleaner and I have a few boards in this style planned for the coming week.

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