Wednesday, 11 April 2012


While sorting through some images of past work for my website I came across these final pieces from last year.

I found an undeveloped roll of film inside a camera I bought, I developed it and got these prints.  The camera dated from the 1920s, and the film looks to be war-time/post war (any better guesses would be appreciated).  I have worked with found images lots in the past, but this was particularly exciting as I was the first to develop the film and therefor the first to ever see these photographs.   I added text using my SUPER SECRET darkroom techniques, and the three prints below were the result.  I was particularly proud of these at the time, and looking back with 12 months in-between, I still am.

I made a conscious descision to remove from 'darker' side of my personality from my work, while still aiming to retain the same themes through the introduction of colour and (sometimes) humour.  What struck me when looking at these is just how much I have managed to do that. 

A favourite of mine. 

Looking at these now, I can see quite a few ways to develop these and progress them further.  I think a return to these will make a nice little summer project


  1. Super secret? Do you mean that trick where you paint fixer on the paper before it goes in the developer? Ah! that secret ;) :P

  2. Not fixer! Guess again smart arse! ;)