Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Almost at the finish line....

This week has been spent in the woodwork shop building a stand (with the help of Alan the technician) for a a big piece of mine.  This was particularly exciting because it means that I got to use assorted power tools and chisels for the first time in a long while.  Im not exactly a pro in the workshop by any means, but I love being so hands on with my work.  The atmosphere in the workshop has been surprisingly relaxed and upbeat with some great banter amongst people, it has been nice to have the opportunity to talk to folk that I don't often get to talk to.

Tanya very kindly documented me using some
power tools so that I could show this to my Dad and
make him proud.

Clamped and almost ready to go!  Bonus Tanya in
All that remains to be done to it is some sanding and staining, and to insert the piece it will contain.  Cant wait to see it finished, I have a feeling I will be very proud of this one.

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