Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Media Coverage

We are half way through the degree show week, and I have been mentioned in a few articles!

First, I got a nice little write up from Andrew Cattanach in The Skinny who said

"Kirsty McKeown has been producing a visual language all of her own. Using an array of materials on a variety of surfaces, including badges, mannequins and glass, she draws on memories to produce her text works and assemblages. At her best she has a great feel for composition and materials, particularly when working with glass.

Also giving me a mention is Nikki McWilliams who had these lovely things to say

"I loved Kirsty’s space.  It was full of little snippets of text that alluded to narratives- physically arranged with a nice use of media and space.  I spent quite a while in this show- there was something about it that was quite calming and intriguing."

These are my first media coverage, and so far the reaction from everyone who has seen my work has been overwhelmingly positive.  I couldnt be happier!

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