Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Buried Ghosts

Its been a while since I last updated, I am currently almost 3000 miles from Scotland and obviously my adventuring has taken priority over blogging.   However, this evening is a rainy evening so I have hijacked the laptop of my good friend Audrey with the intent of updating.  A lot has happened in the time between my last post and now.

Most excitingly, I had my first ever solo show in Tin Roof at the end of August (I will make a proper post about that on my return to Scotland).  I moved out of my beloved flat (and possibly also Dundee forever) as well as burying some ghosts (both physically and figuratively).

I have been here in Canada for 4 weeks now, and my travels have taken me to Toronto, Montreal and to St John's in Newfoundland where I am am currently sitting in one of the cosiest and homely kitchens I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in.

Theres not a lot to in St John's in the evening, so we have been spending the time drinking wine and making lists.

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