Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Memory Book

While in Toronto, I found the most wonderful object (the kind of object that I dream of finding).  Sitting there on the sidewalk was a book of someone else's memories.  Sadly, it was a little too large and heavy to fit it in my backpack and bring home with me (and despite my art practice it didn't feel quite right to keep it).

So I carried it around the city with me for half a day before I finally decided what I would do with it.  I   eventually left it on a park bench in the hope that someone who could give it a good home would find it.   I also considered leaving a note attached explaining how it came to be on that bench on a sunny Monday afternoon, but I felt it was best that it arrived at its new owner in the same manner that it arrived in my life.

I hope I made the right choice.

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