Monday, 20 August 2012

Show preparation

Preparations for my show in Tin Roof are well underway.  It has been quite a challenge making a body of new work for a solo show with only a few weeks to do so, but I am confident that I have pulled it off.

So far, the biggest challenge I have faced is my lack of studio space.  I have always found it difficult (almost impossible) to make work at home.  I have never viewed this as a bad thing, I find it very beneficial to view making work as if it were a job and to treat my studio like an office that I have to be in every day.

I am fortunate enough to have a rather large living room in my flat, as well as easy going flat mates who aren't bothered about me taking it over with work.   I am also faced with the extra task of packing up my belongings to move out of my flat at the end of the week, clearly I am a glutton for punishment!

This was my living room a few weeks ago, as I begun making work.

Without giving too much away, there will be lots of my usual collage and some more text works,  and I am exploring colour and composition.  

All work in the show is for sale at very reasonable prices, giving people the opportunity to own a piece of contemporary art from a recent graduate (and also ensuring that I am able to eat on my travels!).  There will also be musical entertainment from the exellent Steve Herd, he doesn't have a blog but you can check out his Twitter here: @sjherd.

Want another sneak preview?  Here it is (mediocre iPhone photo, sorry):

Untitled detail. 2012

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