Sunday, 7 October 2012

Thanksgiving part 1.

Two nights ago we gathered for an early Thanksgiving dinner.  What had originally been planned as a low key thing with just the three of us, turned into a wonderful evening with six great people. Everyone chipped in some food and drinks, and we feasted on a massive veggie roast and home made pudding.

Hunners o' veggies!

These people are pretty neat.
L-R: Me, April, Kailey, J, Jason, Audrey.

There were lots of adventures last weekend (more about those later) but this week has been quiet for the most part.  I seem to have slipped from "holiday" mode into "I feel like I live here" mode, which is a comforting feeling.  Trying not to think too much about my trip coming to an end and making the most of the time I have left here in St John's.

Audrey is going home to Nova Scotia tomorrow afternoon, so tonight will be the last time that the three of us (Me, Audrey and her room mate Kailey) have dinner together.   They are two of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and without them my time here wouldn't have been half as fun.  The photo below is one of my favourites of the the three of us.  

L-R: Me, Kailey, Audrey.

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