Sunday, 7 October 2012

Yuck n Yum AGK

Last weekend was the annual Yuck n Yum "Amazing General Karaoke" in Dundee.  The videos and performances are always highly inventive and entertaining, and I was sad to miss it this year due to my travels.  

Looking through the archives I was reminded of an old favourite by Richie Cumming, Ross McLean and Rachel Hunter in which the theme for Cheers was played over shots of the Art Bar in Dundee.  The Art Bar is my local bar (and also my favourite bar of all time) so it was nice to ease the wee touch of homesickness I have right now by seeing a few familiar faces.  

I cant embed the video, but you can see it here: Art Bar Cheers - AGK

This years videos aren't online yet, but you can take a wee look at some past years and find out about the whole things here at Yuck n Yum AGK

And since I dont really have a photo to go along with this post, here a bonus image of an interesting thing I saw on from my travels for your enjoyment:

Footless in St John's

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